Introducing Rosa Salas

Hello and welcome to another week of the Scents make Sense blog. I am glad to introduce a new fragrance house to the scentitlondon family. This is an amazing house that I had the pleasure of exploring about a month ago and i was completely blow away with everything I smelt from this amazing house. I was invited to the head quarters of Rosa Salas to meet Vitor, the man behind the brand and he had a massive collection of fragrances from the brand ready for me to explore. I was extremely nervous about our first meeting together mainly because I'd be smelling fragrances that he obviously put a lot of time and effort into and i didn't know how i would react if i didn't like anything i tried. i felt more at ease after a warm welcome from the brands CEO and by the time i smelt the first fragrance i had a massive smile on my face because i was completely lost for words. The first fragrance i tried was Black Tie which is inspired by YSL's Tuxedo. For me Black tie is better than Tuxedo as fresh/lime notes were more noticeable and the spicy notes is much stronger with a sweeter scent than you get from Tuxedo. Black tie lingers around everywhere you go with its amazing silage and performs great giving me over 10 hours of performance on my skin. After i had gone through a quarter of the collection i knew this was a house that i could not keep quiet about, this is an experience that i needed to share with the world. The fragrances i was smelling brought back memories of my first encounters with scents and how it made me feel. One of the best feelings for me is the happiness i get every time i find a fragrance gem, it brings me so much joy and excitement, Rosa Salas brought out these emotions for me. Rosa Salas will be available on the scentitlondon website from today and you will be able to explore the house in full by purchasing samples at low prices before committing to a full bottle purchase. I know you're going to love this house as much as i did.