Q. What payment options do you accept?

A. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Klarna, CleaPay




Q. Where is my order?

A. For any delivery enquiries, please leave a message on our contact us page or email info@scentitlondon.com.


Q. What countries do you ship to?

A. We currently ship within the UK and Europe.

 Q. How long does it take to ship an order?

A. We usually process orders between 2-3 business days. After this period, there is usually a typical delivery time between a further 2-3 business days.

Q. Do you offer fast shipping?

A. All orders are sent as a standard delivery. Shipping prices vary on the basis of tracked or non-tracked shipping and the size of the order.



 Q. Can I make a refund request?

A. Please see our refund policy in the footer of the website.


Additional FAQs

 Q. How do I choose a perfume I would like?

A. If you are wanting to branch out and try other perfumes, it can sometimes be daunting but we ensure we have scents that are appealing to everyone. We suggest that you can sample some pieces

Q. Can I wear a fragrance meant for the opposite sex?

A. Most certainly! Make a choice based on your preferences of notes.


Q. Do you ship to Spain, Poland, Netherlands or Slovenia?

A.We have shipped to these countries on a number of occasions in the past, however we have temporarily suspended shipping due to investigating customs regulations.


Q. Which fragrances are your best sellers?

A. Please view best sellers on our website: https://scentitlondon.com/collections/best-sellers

Q. What do I do when my perfume doesn’t smell like it should?

A. I will advise to let it sit for a week or two to macerate which will break down the oil compound creating a much refined scent.

 Q. Can I return a fragrance I’ve opened for a new one or refund?

A. In line with our policy and standard health and beauty regulations, unfortunately we are unable to accept exchanges or refunds with items that have been unsealed and tampered with as such items cannot be resold by us. Please view our terms of conditions relating to delivery and returns: https://scentitlondon.com/pages/delivery


Q. How long will it take my pre-order to ship?

A. The estimate time arrivals

for preorders is typically 10 – 14 working days after date of purchase, whereas SFY (Source For You) orders take 10 – 21 working days. Source for you is different from the usual preorder products as it has not yet been secured from our distributor. Our normal preorder products is part of stock that is already in transit to us.

 Q. I placed a pre-order along with products that are currently available. Can the available ones be shipped to me?

A. Yes it can but please be advised this process will attract an extra shipping fee for the preordered item(s)


Q. I just made a purchase. Is it possible to receive it the next day?

A. We usually allow three days after date of purchase to careful process orders before it’s dispatched.


Q. Can my order be amended?

A. Yes it can. Kindly contact us via email or on any of our social media platforms


Q. When is an item going to be restocked?

A. We usually restock on weekends provided the item is available at DUA HQ.


Q. How do I know an item has been restocked?

A. Kindly subscribe to our mailing list in order to receive updates on new arrivals and items back in stock.


Q. Is it possible to pick up orders from you and pay in cash?

A. Unfortunately, we do not take cash as all our orders are made on our website.


Q. What do I do if my order shows as delivered but I have not received it?

A. Kindly report the issue to us via email at info@scentitlondon.com in order for us to take measures as quickly as possible.


Q. Why haven't I received my tracking details?

A. Tracking details are provided for only dispatched orders. Tracking information is sent via email and we advise you check you junk mail. should there be any issues in regards to tracking detail please email info@scentitlondon.com


Q. Can I change or cancel my order?

A. Yes it can. Kindly communicate any change or cancellation to us via email at info@scentitlondon.com.

NB: Orders canceled prior to dispatch will incur a surcharge of 4% off the total amount paid. This is to cover the non-refundable fees that we (the vendor) have to pay the payment service providers


Q. Why do I have to pay a full amount for shipping while other companies charge no shipping fee?

A. Most companies include a shipping fee to the cost of the item. You end up paying a shipping fee multiple times when making multiple purchases. Here at Scentitlondon, we price our products very low and we charge a one time fee regardless of the number of products you purchase making the overall savings better


Q. Do you ship internally via Ebay?

A. We only ship to customers in the UK via Ebay.

Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch at info@scentitlondon.com