Customs and Import Duties


Scentitlondon gladly provides worldwide shipping from the United Kingdom; however, all international shipments are at the liability of the buyer.

We take all appropriate steps to ensure your package reaches you safely, and we have had great success doing so.

However, ScentitLondon is not responsible for variables such as delays, VAT, or any other taxes or expenses at customs. Nor can Scentitlondon issue refunds for packages that have been rejected or abandoned by the buyer at customs. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of their country’s customs, VAT, and any other tax rules before purchasing. We will take all the appropriate steps to ensure the proper declaration, but if for any reason the packages still do not clear, Scentitlondon will not be responsible for any charges or refunds.

Customs or the courier will be in contact via Email or Phone for any payments that may be required to pay on your order within the country of delivery. This will allow your parcel to be delivered once payment has been made.