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 Do you ever get confused on the fragrances you'd like to sample from the huge range available from The Dua Brand? Then this is the perfect product for you. Experience the DUA Brand in a whole new way by creating your own discovery pack and save money instead of buying them individually. We have two different packs for you to choose from, a 1ML pack were you'll get 6x1ML and a 2ML pack were you'll get 6x2ML. 

Purchase the pack of your choice and then have a look through the list below and select 6 fragrances for your pack. Send us an email with your name and order number and the list of fragrances you want in your pack and we will take care of the rest. 

It's that simple!!!


 Anonyme X

 Alpha aoud




 Sour peach

 Silk midnight

 Midnight Rendezvous in a Tux

 Miss congeniality



 Bleu de dua

 Exclusif mythical horse

 Bois Oudh Attar


 Plum cigarillo

 Error 404 attar  

 Error 405

 Error 406

 Error 407

 Error 410

 Error 414 

 The unbreakable vow

 Tobac aoud

 Vert gentilhomme


 Vanille de azur

 Popped Cherry



 Collateral damage

 Enter the tiger

 Scottish breed

 F’ing unbelievable

 Essence of patchouli

 The conqueror of UAE


 Satin midnight attar

 Midnight Rendezvous with the mobster

 Angelic elixir

 Poseidon elixir 13ZZ

 Midnight with the mobster

 Ottoman Breeze

 Sweet tabacum

 Dark casino royale nights



 Cuir de Africano

 The mobster

 King of judea attar




 Black widow

 Poseidon's elixir 2.0

 Casino royale nights

 Amberlicious Cherry

 Ottoman drowned in vanilla

 Italian water V

 Desert reflection

 Rosa & leather


 Le puy en velay 4

 Leather Oud

 Hypnotic santalum

 Invasion of the royal barbers

 Dark casino elixir

 Oolong Tea

 Gone Swimming at Casino Royale 

 Tiger’s Orange Aoud

 Bianca Pura

 Casino Elixir 2.0

 Casino Elixir Attar

 Bleu Caribbean Dua

 Dreamy elixir 

 Rose & chocolate kisses

 33 shades of Poseidon’s santal

 Alienated aoud 

 Aphrodisiac drowned in vanilla

 Aqua heaven 

 Black widow by the fire

 Bois preciuex et epices


 Caribbean casino 

 Caribbean supernova 

 Carnal desire

 Casino love dungeon

 Casino royale’s fortune 

 Cherry tabacum

 Coconut ice cream gelato 

 Code of dua 

 D7 Aoud 

 Dark chocolate, rum and vanilla 


 Dolce vita 

 Drowning in Belgian choco 

 Drowning in bleu de savage fierce

 Drowning in oolong tea 

 Drowning in Poseidon’s 11z elixir 

 Drowning in vanilla by the fire place

 Exotic holygrail 3

 Extreme fellow


 Village of Karaotlak 

 Tiger gone swimming 

 Shadow Play 

 Spice from the east 

 Rosa nectar

 Royal elixir  


 Poseidon’s fortune for gen x

 Poseidon’s legendary chariot  

 Poseidon’s precious madagascar vanilla  

 Pretiosum vetiverum

 Origins of Poseidon: Est 2010


 Poseidon’s desire II

 Poseidon’s elixir 11z

 Midnight coffee with the mobster

 Invasion of the tiger

 Jazz by the fire

 Killer angelic elixir

 Honey laced tabac

 Imperial casino elixir

 Gold chypre  

 His dua water

 Eau so fraiche  

 Dua formula 001


 Crater & supernova

 Casino elixir

 Bleu de tiger

 Arabian amber nuit

 Another bleu dua  



And more……….



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not worth the price

Most of the samples i got smelt synthetic, some fresh but all off them wore of within the hour, sillage was just poor, even on paper longevity was extremely poor.

Roger Gibson

Packaged very nicely and each one is labelled.

Dua sample set

Ordered a few of these now and they are brilliant every time. Gives opportunity to sample Duas before you buy and the bottles they come in keep the fragrance from leaking and are clearly labelled.

The presentation is sleek and professional and it fits through your postbox which is a massive bonus (no waiting in).

Nikola Velev

Just awesome!

Mark Armstrong
Dua sample set

Fast shipping and packaged professionally
A very good way for me to try some dua frags which isn’t always easy in England.
This company had a large collection to choose from and the frags from dua all seem very well blended and are definitely on the higher end of these perfume houses what do a lot of inspired by or copies of designer and niche frags.
I’ll definitely use this company again.