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Brands like Giorgio Armani need no introduction. With best sellers like Acqua di Gio and Armani Code, the status of this brand in the perfume industry is legendary. However, the Armani Privé line features some of the best olfactive creations the industry has ever smelled, and when it comes to leather perfumes, there is no denying the greatness and influence of Cuir Majesté from 2016. This fruity leather perfume combines the smooth and luxurious accord of leather with the exotic quality of incense and the saccharine appeal of dried fruits. As though the tantalizing effect of the fruits weren’t enough, Dua has vanilla in the base to keep our sweet spirits high! Additionally, expensive oud occupies the base so that the expensiveness of the original is justified! This inspired expression of this masterpiece is called Majesty’s Leather, and we trust that for many of our loyal Dua customers, this will be the best leather fragrance they have ever tried! The natural splendor of the perfume is brought out with the assistance of osmanthus, and the tobacco combined with moss is grounding. Majesty’s Leather is more than just a perfume. It is a unique sensation and a complete vibe!


NOTES: Dried Fruits, Incense, Osmanthus, Leather, May Rose, Tobacco, Vanilla, Oud, Ambroxan, and Moss.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

34 ML (1.1 FL.OZ)

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Customer Reviews

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A barnyard on a hot day

I am quite daring with my scent choices, I love Kouros and have the late 80s version for example. I can party on that like its 1989.
But this ... my goodness. It takes animalic to new levels. Headache inducing levels. Its a barnyard BEAST. Kouros is made to smell like CK One against this. And it has staying power too. Only after 45mins do the dried fruits make an appearance.
Honestly, if you plan to wear this in public, you need to dispense 2 sprays max a full hour before leaving the house. Or you might just have people thinking you have a rather bad stomach bug. Its too much, even for me. Even Dior Leather Oud is tame as a kitten alongside this skanky monster