DUA FRAGRANCES Vanillac Dreams

DUA FRAGRANCES Vanillac Dreams

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Tihota has earned its reputation as one of the finest vanilla perfumes on the market, cherished for its exceptional scent, natural ingredients and expert craftsmanship. Vanillac Dreams is an exquisite fragrance inspired by the beloved Indult Tihota, a masterpiece crafted by Francis Kurkdjian in 2006.

This enchanting composition may seem deceptively simple, featuring just two ingredients: vanilla and musk. However, the complexity of the vanilla used in Tihota imparts a unique and captivating quality to this fragrance. Vanillac Dreams is the homage to this revered perfume, and Dua spared no effort in perfecting the formula to ensure its accuracy.

Prepare to be astonished by the authenticity of this recreation, allowing you to experience the magic of one of the finest vanilla fragrances available. Vanillac Dreams will envelop you in a state of blissful slumber, making it a must-have addition to your fragrance collection.


NOTES: Vanilla and Musk.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum

30 ML (1 FL.OZ)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
My favourite vanilla

I have in excess of about 50 vanilla perfumes in my collection and THIS is the best! I get sugary, sweet notes which last so long on my skin / clothes (something I find vanilla fragrances don't often do). A real compliment getter! Absolutely beautiful vanilla and fantastic service from Scentitlondon.

Vanillic Dreams

Absolutely stunning vanilla perfume that has grown on me. I found it a little linear at first but as I got to know it, I found little nuances like a slight marshmallow type musk that was present! It’s a really delicious, warm and sweet.vanilla that wraps itself around you like a blanket. I have never tried the Tahota Indult so I can’t comment on its similarities but I can heartily recommend this scent as a lovely vanilla perfume in its own right. It has a delicious ice cream appeal but also some delightful sugary, musk nuances.

Fab vanilla

I haven't let this macerate (too impatient!)
It starts with vanilla plus an odd note that is almost a cold note? Like the way mint or menthol smells cold, but it's not minty. It gives an icecream edge to the start of the scent. The note disappears after no more than about 3-5 mins anyway, and I suspect will disappear with maceration. Then it's sweet vanilla icecream made with real vanilla, which dries down into vanilla sugar cookies. Really lovely real vanilla. I'm not usually into very sweet scents, and Dua Vaniglia was far to candy sweet for me, but this is good, the level of sweetness really works.
Sillage is good, and actually seems to get stronger and bigger as it dries down! Lasts hours too.
Definitely a keeper!